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Our company started in San Diego with little more than $300 and a box of tools. Sergio couldn't find a machine shop that suited his needs, so he decided to start his own. We built our reputation working on foreign cars, and we helped to prove that Mercedes Benz engines could be rebuilt. We've since started working on all makes and models!

Meet our friendly team of certified technicians

Sergio Bartolini - Founder, Consultant, and Owner

Cisco Gonzalez - Cylinder heading machining specialist

Mauricio - Pressure Test and Leak Down Specialist

Arturo Gonzalez - Cylinder Heads Expert

James Kelley - Cylinder block machining specialist/engine assembly specialist

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We've come a long way from our 1970 founding. We've become California's premier import automotive shop, and we've been doing superior work on all makes and models for decades. Let us help you next.

We started with VWs and Porsches, and now work on all makes and models

Our owner has been working on cars since age 14!

With our more than 100 years of combined machining experience, we're equipped to handle anything. That includes marine craft, industrial vehicles, tractors, and more.